Our Unifying KPI - Customer happiness

A Leader-Leader culture that exists to serve our customers, creating ownership and accountability in our team.

Management Team


Barry Silic


A huge football fan...the real football. Barry is our IT strategist with an uncanny ability to make the complex simple. A leader of highly skilled technical teams, his wife and kids are the inspiration behind everything he does.


Peter Low


He is passionate about developing Business Leaders and leaving a lasting legacy. Peter is driven by company culture and a motivated team. He has an MBA AGSM and holds a Black Belt so don’t argue! He is married to his "Hot Bibee" complete with two rug rats.


Sturt Maclennan


A fervent leader who enjoys creating businesses with the true customer in mind. He is motivated by customer ‘happiness’ and sets the Sales and Marketing direction for Cavalry. A hands-on dad with a competing love for surfing.


Marcas Thompson

Service Delivery Manager

Customer focused IT professional with hands on approach to Service Management. He enjoys streamlining process and building long term client relationships. A keen interest for all things music and motorsport.


Mario Vargas

Transformation Projects

Has a big personal strategy and a project plan to achieve it. He is responsible for driving innovation in our systems to create an efficient customer focused team. An explorer of the world living each adventure with his wife.




Highly driven professional who brings over 16 years of IT and Telecommunications experience to Cavalry clients. He’s passionate about aligning technology with customer requirements and is responsible for designing and implementing technology strategy and our product road-map.

We exist for customer happiness and are passionate about executing to the highest standards.

We foster a leader-leader culture that encourages every staff member to take ownership. Our team wants to be a contribution.. not just ‘work’.


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